FusionStorm Guest Blog – Rebeca Thorvund

Rebeca Thorvund is FusionStorm’s Talent Acquisition Partner, and she provided her perspective on FusionStorm and what she enjoys most about working here.

“It’s quite simple. However you feel about your job, it’s really the people you work with who have the deepest impact in how you feel at any given moment. A company’s culture, good or bad, is driven by people. You spend, at the very least, 8 hours a day with them, so shouldn’t they drive and inspire you rather than suck the life out of you?

As FusionStorm’s Talent Acquisition Partner, I am asked daily what I like most about my company. Hands down, it’s the people. We have a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, and our team is comprised of talented, dynamic, make-it-happen individuals who are all committed to the common goals of customer satisfaction and success. Recruiting across all disciplines within the organization, I am inspired on a daily basis by the incredible folks I am privileged to call my colleagues. They know their business, their roles, and are always motivated to improve. They’re there for me, they guide me, they make me laugh, they appreciate me, and they make me want to go above and beyond every day. The camaraderie is real. And in my role, I am looking for “FusionStorm caliber”, because we have set a standard.

If you can’t say the same about your company, what are you waiting for? Come join us!”