default_image_11The rapid rise of social media and the cloud has brought corresponding growth in so-called web-scale data centers. Large web services providers such as Amazon, Facebook and Google are transforming the delivery of IT services through the sheer size of their operations as well as the speed and agility of their IT infrastructure.

FusionStorm is recognized as a leading integrator of web-scale data center solutions. Our engineers have helped some of the world’s largest service providers design and implement advanced data center architectures built upon best-of-breed technologies.

FusionStorm’s expertise spans compute, networking, storage, virtualization, management and software-defined data center solutions. Our Integration Center provides the global logistics needed to rapidly scale these data centers to meet changing capacity demands.

As a result, FusionStorm is able to help web services organizations:

  • Minimize operational complexity
  • Optimize performance and manageability
  • Ensure resiliency
  • Stamp out repetitive deployments efficiently and cost-effectively

FusionStorm’s experience with web services organizations benefits any customer that requires a high-performance, highly scalable infrastructure. Many data center innovations originate in the web services context, and FusionStorm offers an insider perspective into these solutions.