fusionstorm-vertical-solutions-retailToday’s retail organizations must appeal to consumers who have more choices than ever before. To stay competitive, retailers need to more thoroughly engage today’s highly connected shopper and stay connected with consumers’ mobile preferences.

FusionStorm provides an array of capabilities that enable retailers to reach today’s tech-savvy consumers. We leverage our industry-leading engineering capabilities and state-of-the-art Integration Center to create an end-to-end solution encompassing advanced retail technologies and supporting infrastructure. FusionStorm enables retail organizations to:

  • Establish a robust core infrastructure
  • Transform the in-store experience
  • Rapidly and cost-effectively scale new solutions across multiple locations globally
  • Roll out new technologies with minimal impact on operations

FusionStorm works with each retailer to design an end-to-end technology solution — whether common to all stores or unique to each location. Once the design is complete, FusionStorm configures and tests the solution to ensure rapid, seamless deployment across all locations.

FusionStorm’s expertise is ideally suited to retailers looking to retrofit existing stores with new technology. The FusionStorm team can work during off hours and ensure that the technology works perfectly when the store reopens.