support_servicesTracking hundreds of support contracts across multiple vendors can be a time-consuming and expensive task. However, if support contracts are not managed effectively, you risk lapses in support and lack the information needed to make budgeting and investment decisions.

FusionStorm’s Support Contract Services Group is a team of skilled support contract professionals with top certifications and decades of experience. They have developed contract management practices, processes and strategies that can help you maintain service levels, eliminate waste and gain greater visibility into the status of the IT environment.

FusionStorm’s Support Contract Services deliver a number of advantages:

  • Single point of contact regardless of where contracts were acquired
  • Consolidation and co-termination
  • Centralized tracking
  • Improved budgeting and decision-making
  • Reduced costs

FusionStorm’s secure web-based portal provides intuitive reports on contract expiration dates, service levels and asset history, separated by manufacturer and month of expiration. You gain the information you need to ensure consistent support across business units, applications or projects and determine whether to renew support contracts or invest in new assets.

Support Contract Services

FusionStorm’s Support Contract Services Group offers a better way of managing support coverage for technology assets. The FusionStorm team can consolidate, co-terminate, track and manage support contracts across the enterprise.

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