global_logisticsAs organizations expand their reach around the world, they need technology solutions delivered across geopolitical boundaries. However, few technology providers are capable of navigating the challenges of global logistics and delivering multivendor solutions anywhere in the world.

FusionStorm has developed a suite of international logistics management services to meet these demands. With offices worldwide and strong relationships with the top distributors in the industry, FusionStorm can assist with the import and export of enterprise-class technology products to more than 50 countries. Our end-to-end global delivery services help customers work through complex trade restrictions and red tape and provide a number of key benefits:

  • Expertise in meeting customs requirements
  • Valued-added tax (VAT) assistance
  • In-country sourcing

FusionStorm also provides full lifecycle professional services in concert with its international product delivery. Local engineering resources are available to perform onsite installation and provide 24×7 support. Regional lead engineers oversee all onsite installation projects, and FusionStorm’s global engineering team is available around-the-clock to dispatch the experts needed to resolve any issues.

Global Product Delivery

FusionStorm provides the international relationships and logistics expertise to deliver technology solutions to locations worldwide. FusionStorm also provides full-lifecycle professional services and 24×7 support in concert with its international product delivery.

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