Healthy Team, Healthy Company

Receiving accolades and recognition is always meaningful and a reason to celebrate, but there are times when it feels personal and means just a little bit more.

Recently, FusionStorm was recognized as a “Healthiest Employer Finalist” in the 2018 Healthiest Employers® of the Bay Area Awards, presented by Sequoia Consulting Group. If you’re not familiar with Healthiest Employers®, their mission is to promote wellness in business through education and the honoring of organizations they identify as wellness leaders. To be named in the annual list, organizations must show a dedication to employee wellness and excel in 6 key categories related to population health: leadership commitment, program foundational strength, strategic planning, engagement, programming, and metrics.

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the average full-time employee works 2,087 hours per year. At FusionStorm, we aim to make those hours more enjoyable through our ongoing commitment to employee health. We take great pride in hiring the best talent, and we want to foster that talent by delivering a healthy, supportive environment each and every day. Company culture is very important to us, and that includes giving our team access to and guiding them toward programs that will positively impact their overall health and wellness.

FusionStorm is dedicated to proactively improving the physical and emotional well-being of our team through innovative employee programs. By implementing initiatives such as Fitbit challenges, on-site flu shots, and wellness fairs we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of healthy days and our employees are reporting lowered stress. These programs have also created a sense of community, with employees supporting each others’ milestones and successes.

Most recently we created a philanthropic wellness program that supports our employee’s athletic endeavors outside of the office through the sponsorship of employees who participate in charitable sporting events that promote wellness. We want our employees to carry their wellness beyond the workplace and into their daily lives. Collectively, we believe these programs have enriched the FusionStorm culture. We are encouraged by the results we’ve seen so far, and we are motivated to scale our initiatives further and continue our commitment to our employees’ well-being.

Every day we are taking steps at FusionStorm to raise awareness around what it means to truly be healthy. Having our efforts recognized by Healthiest Employers® and being a finalist amongst such forward-thinking companies feels like an outstanding achievement to our team. We believe in the idea of “healthy team, healthy company” and we’re on a quest to create a healthier, happier workplace.


Healthiest Employers is an innovative awards program created to recognize those companies that pro-actively shape the health of their employees. These companies have made a commitment to impact the health of their workplace… and their bottom line. Healthiest Employers has worked with over 8,000 employers that represent over 60 million employee lives.

Courtney L. Kendall