FusionStorm National Sales Meeting Partner Spotlight — VMware

Without question, cloud, virtualization and other data technologies have changed the competitive landscape for companies of all stripes. To keep up with customers’ needs, companies require the right technology partner – a collaboration that enables them to manage transformation and maintain growth targets.

A successful partnership does not happen in a single quarter or year. FusionStorm and VMware have been working together for over 13 years to develop and implement solutions for businesses of all sizes, supporting continuous innovation and market leadership.

Over 85% of enterprises rely on VMware’s product portfolio of superior virtualization of compute, storage and network solutions, management platforms and other technologies. Coupled with FusionStorm’s international deployment capability and Integration Center, these partners can deploy a customer’s environment in days instead of weeks or months. This partnership and speed to market is a competitive advantage for clients at the leading edge of many industries. Our collaboration at the executive level and in on-premises deployments provides expert engineering guidance to solve even the most complex business problems.

Organizations that lead their markets are constantly pursuing growth opportunities to improve services to internal and external customers. FusionStorm clients enable those opportunities with the scope and scalability of VMware’s virtualization, cloud,  and management platforms, whether they run private, public or hybrid cloud. With a full service technology partner, they enjoy cost-savings and achieve increased operational efficiencies.

Organizations today are absorbing and using new technology to compete, differentiate and create new value for their customers. A firm that cannot create the modern, digital experience that customers want – including easy access to apps and data on their preferred devices – will lose ground quickly. With the right network and data center tools, companies can quickly develop and launch new products, new services and new revenue streams from a loyal customer base. They can leverage VMware and FusionStorm to create software-driven data centers that reach into the cloud to provide workload elasticity and ensure optimum service levels during peaks, while conserving resources during low periods.

Firms that take advantage of new technologies to create untapped value will do so on the foundation of their networks and data centers. VMware and FusionStorm work closely together to deliver a growth foundation on key strategic IT pillars. Modernizing data centers means that companies can leverage their existing investment for maximum ROI on emerging technologies. Working within an existing framework by using common tools and skill sets allows for modernization and cloud development to proceed, but reduces the need for excessive re-training or ongoing outside expertise.

Helping companies to integrate their private and public clouds removes obstacles to growth – security when you need it, flexibility when growth demands it. With VMware solutions like NSX Hybrid Connect and SD-WAN, FusionStorm transforms customers’ networking and security from their cloud and data cores to the edge, building resiliency into the infrastructure and creating a truly flexible workforce, unencumbered by legacy technologies tied to physical environments.

Companies cannot operate and respond to constant change if they are chasing endpoint gaps or fighting a losing battle with poor systems integration. VMware and FusionStorm collaborate to deliver secure digital workspaces that unleash teams to do their best work, increase productivity, streamline processes, improve collaboration across a company’s ecosystem and allow for a game-changing customer experience.

FusionStorm has an extensive services bench capable of delivering the vision of a VMware Software Defined enterprise. In partnership with these two industry leaders, companies can manage their IT transformation and implement a platform for sustainable growth and continuous innovation to meet the future of business on arrival.


VMware is helping organizations accelerate their digital journey. Our interoperable cloud, mobility, networking and security solutions form a digital foundation for delivering the apps that power business innovation. As a top partner, FusionStorm’s ability to execute is unparalleled. They deliver solutions that organizations can use to operate more efficiently, create more value and dramatically save cost and time spent on day-to-day technology operations.. FS is in a unique position to help customers execute on their VMware cloud journey.

Christian Stack, National Partner Sales Manager, North American Partner Ops, WMware, Inc.