FusionStorm National Sales Meeting Partner Spotlight — Juniper

Maintaining a competitive edge today means linking and protecting the data center, campus, branch networks and the public cloud. In partnership with Juniper, FusionStorm can help clients achieve open and secure networks by employing Juniper products like Networking Infrastructure and Management, Data Center Architecture, Network Security, Cloud Integration and Software Development and Services.

The world’s largest wired and wireless carriers, content networks, cloud and data center providers, ISP’s and cable and satellite operators run on Juniper Networks. Juniper products are embedded in major financial services organizations, the world’s top telecom companies, the U.S. federal and other national governments, healthcare providers, educational institutions and energy and utility companies.

FusionStorm is a top tier integration partner for many of these global customers. Juniper Networks and FusionStorm’s partnership is entering its fifth year of helping clients to resolve complexity by matching enterprise networking solutions to emerging customer requirements, wherever they operate.

As a partner with Juniper Partner Advantage Elite status, FusionStorm boasts the highest level in the JPA program and has demonstrated a commitment to integrating Juniper’s customer offerings with a focus on integrity and compliance. Juniper previously selected FusionStorm as an Innovation Partner of the Year and Western Region Partner of the Year.

FusionStorm’s Patrick Holman (Strategic Accounts) lauds Juniper’s products and appreciates the mix of router options available, making Juniper extremely competitive on cost and energy consumption. Equally important are the people he partners with at Juniper. “I work with great engineers at Juniper. They have great products – that’s table stakes – but people are very important to me and they make the deal flow and client relationship work better.”

Each client’s network and cloud architecture is unique to the challenges of their business model and competitive environment. Juniper is helping customers understand and navigate their cloud transformation and attendees at the National Sales Meeting will learn how Juniper’s Multicloud Framework opens new services and margin expansion opportunities for businesses in all lifecycle stages.

Juniper’s vision of intent-based networks with self-healing capabilities rests on an open and standards-based approach to data center networks. With FusionStorm, they are helping customers to scale and manage growth while balancing availability and security.


“FusionStorm defines professionalism in a partner from top to bottom. They proactively engage at all levels including executive, sales and technical. The FusionStorm and Juniper partnership is built on trust and the pursuit of excellence. We are very happy that FusionStorm chooses to grow their business with Juniper.”

-Christian Goffi, US Partner Sales Leader


“Juniper is very channel friendly. Some companies are not. Once Juniper partners with you they really stand behind that, which is great…It’s the people who make the difference. ”

-Patrick Holman, Strategic Accounts, FusionStorm


Juniper Networks simplifies the complexities (and costs) of networking with products, solutions and services designed for the cloud era. Through engineering, innovation and FusionStorm’s expertise in implementation, Juniper is empowering customers to leverage automated, scalable and secure networks for growth in any market, at any size.

Note: In January, Mike Bushong, Juniper’s Vice President of Enterprise and Cloud Marketing will present the keynote at FusionStorm’s 2019 National Sales Meeting. Speaking on Juniper’s Secure and Automated MultiCloud framework, Bushong will explore the channel challenges customers will face as they move to a multivendor/multicloud environment.