FusionStorm National Sales Meeting Partner Spotlight — Dell EMC

Organizations of all sizes must embrace and master an exponential rate of technological change or risk obsolescence. Competitive advantage demands that companies take advantage of emerging technologies, from their most secure data centers to the mobile edge.

For more than seven years, FusionStorm and Dell EMC have partnered to bring customized integrated solutions to customers. This proven collaboration brings together the market leader in enterprise IT with a trusted, customer-centric implementation partner to benefit commercial clients of all sizes across a range of industry verticals.

The digital age is data-driven and businesses can generate revenue from their data, but only if they have the right solutions in place. To simultaneously transform a global business and consistently deliver solutions to customers requires a partner with the global capabilities, agility, speed, efficiency and technical skillset to support unique business requirements.

All IT applications should fundamentally enhance and transform business. Companies are looking for the right partner to help them turn technology evolution from an obstacle into an operational strength. Dell EMC works alongside FusionStorm to enable Digital and Workforce Transformation solutions like converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid cloud storage and ProDeploy for rapid edge implementations that boost performance and disrupt industries.

To remain competitive, a company’s talent must be able to flex towards market opportunities quickly. End users need 24-hour access to data and applications wherever they are, on- or off-premise. FusionStorm and Dell EMC enable scalable, secure cloud solutions so employees can focus in real-time on serving their customers.

“In the next 5-10 years, almost every company will undergo some kind of digital transformation. Dell Technologies and FusionStorm are uniquely positioned to help organizations stay ahead of disruption and drive business transformation by providing solutions that span the full IT ecosystem – from the edge to the cloud.”

-Gregg Ambulos, Senior Vice President, North America Channels

Dell EMC is the only solutions provider that offers solutions across a company’s IT ecosystem. FusionStorm is the integration partner best positioned to help global brands leverage the value in their networks to generate growth opportunities and compete on the strength and flexibility of their technology.

FusionStorm supports Dell EMC’s customers by using a “programmatic approach” to provide customized integrated solutions, Dev Ops, global technology sourcing, logistics and plug-and-play deployment to customers in over 50 countries.

When a company needs to offload hardware costs and speed up server provisioning, FusionStorm can help by implementing VMware virtualization for data centers and applications. A Virtustream solution will deliver the leading enterprise cloud solution to ensure guaranteed availability of critical applications.

With trustworthy and reliable sales and engineering teams, FusionStorm implements rock solid and resilient solutions that use the best Dell EMC products and services, enabling faster deployment of infrastructure, cloud, applications and edge points, and speeding up financial return on IT investment.

“Dell EMC/FusionStorm have a great relationship that helps both of us grow our business together. With Dell EMC’s brand recognition and FusionStorm’s ability to sell solutions, it makes great sense why they are our largest manufacturing partner.”

-Dan Smith, Account Executive, FusionStorm

When companies work with FusionStorm and Dell EMC, they can rest easy knowing that FusionStorm is a Titanium Black partner, Dell EMC’s most prestigious partner level. Only eight partners worldwide hold Titanium Black accreditation, which features quarterly meetings with Michael Dell and access to pre-release products and solutions. As a Titanium Black partner, FS offers a knowledge base around Dell EMC products that other integration partners can’t match.

Companies exist today in a whirlwind of technological change – wasted time or capital on poor infrastructure decisions can spell disaster. The right IT ecosystem is a game-changing competitive advantage that can drive a company to market leadership. FusionStorm and Dell EMC’s partnership has a proven record of global solutions that demonstrate the critical importance of a successful IT and data infrastructure.