FusionStorm National Sales Meeting Partner Spotlight — Cisco

The partnership between Cisco and FusionStorm spans more than ten years and creates value for clients through the marriage of Cisco’s advanced systems portfolio and the potent customer focus of FusionStorm. Cisco’s product portfolio is long recognized as the broadest and deepest in the industry and allows them to provide comprehensive solutions to customers of all sizes.  

As companies continue their shift away from the labor and capital burden of building and maintaining their own on-premises networks, Cisco is leading the way by providing key innovations to automate tasks that previously burned time and money.

The Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) enhances business application interactions with a client’s network by reducing lead times to develop and deploy critical software. FusionStorm assists companies in integrating ACI with existing operations so they can focus on core business concerns, instead of worrying about wasteful deployment delays. Time to market is a key driver of revenue leadership and the Cisco and FusionStorm teams work together to make things happen, quickly.


“Cisco’s market position allows us to craft solutions that can address almost any customer issue. This agility allows FusionStorm/Computacenter to deliver the highest customer satisfaction results.”

-Matthew Harris, Technical Marketing Director


Businesses today rely on the strength of their network to move data and information and with technologies like Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), Cisco and FusionStorm can help networks scale through software-delivered automations and services across a client’s campus, WAN or branch networks. This open platform streamlines a company’s operations and allows them to concentrate on meeting growth opportunities at the right time.


Cisco’s partner program is a key advantage and delivers programs and expertise at all levels to help FusionStorm achieve customer satisfaction. As a Gold Certified Partner for the past 13 years, FS can help clients in different industries navigate and enable complex new business models.

FusionStorm boasts additional Cisco specializations including Advanced Data Center Architecture, Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture, Advanced Security Architecture, Master Data Center & Hybrid Cloud and Advanced Collaboration Architecture. A dedication to expertise across the portfolio means that FS can tackle complicated business problems and offer answers to match a client’s budget.

Cisco and FusionStorm look toward a future of creating value for customers through a shared focus on leadership in software-defined WANs, cloud partnerships, improved application programs, subscription-based software licensing and more.

Pairing the market leadership of Cisco’s data center, collaboration and networking solutions with FusionStorm’s proven implementation track record can turn a firm’s IT infrastructure from a cost center to a core advantage. The right solution and the right execution can make or break a company’s future.