Accelerated Endpoint as a Service (AEaaS): Employee Productivity Starts Here

We’ve all experienced it. You put serious time and effort into finding the perfect new hire with just the right mix of updated skills, personality and culture fit. And on Day One that new hire arrives. She’s a little nervous, a lot excited – and you don’t have a laptop for her yet. Maybe the hardware is on backorder. Maybe the IT team is backed up or there’s a problem customizing her devices. Either way, she’s motivated to work and the only thing standing in her way is access to the right tools.

There you are, nothing to do but walk this new team member around the office, introduce her to the team and send her home early for the day. It’s a bummer, because what you really want to do is get to work and start collaborating right away. You put all this energy and hope into finding the right person, and now she can’t even start contributing. It’s a bad experience all around.

Now multiply that by a thousand and think about how much money a company loses when they can’t scale and successfully deploy laptops and mobile devices to all new employees on their first day. It may sound simple, but we know in practice that it’s not. In order to react at scale, you’ve got to be nimble. You can’t be held back by an inability to move fast, to deploy quickly or to pivot to market demands. The world moves fast and if you can’t keep up, if you can’t grow quickly when you need to, your company will be left behind.

That’s where FusionStorm’s Accelerated Endpoint as a Service (AEaaS) comes in. Your company is only as strong as your people, and your people are only as effective as their devices allow. Device deployment and recovery is a critical business function for new, current and departing employees and AEaaS rapidly reduces deployment cycles, so you can focus on what your company does best.

AEaaS offers notification directly from your hiring manager to our network. We’ll handle rapid deployment, inventory and asset tracking, equipment warehousing, clear refresh backlogs and more. With AEaaS, you can improve employee morale by delivering a laptop or smartphone customized to their needs on Day One. We can work with you to take it one step further to create a customized experience kit tailored to your new hire. And with leading solutions partners like Dell, ServiceNow and Microsoft we can deploy the latest technology endpoints to keep your business humming.

At FusionStorm, we’re your partner. We want to know all about your technology, but we also want to know your company’s goals so we can keep device deployment from standing in the way. We’ll tailor device provisioning to your needs, so you’re not paying for expertise when you’re not using it, and we’ll take care of equipment storage, so you’re not wasting valuable space.

You built your business on your expertise – and it’s not juggling multiple technology vendors to deploy your hardware. Every minute spent on those details is lost time, lost focus, lost revenue. Let us handle the details by automating everything for you, from procurement to deployment to recovery, so you can focus on what your company does best.

You put so much into hiring the best and you want to put those rock stars to work as quickly as possible. No one wants them held back on their first day waiting around for a laptop setup. Let AEaaS deploy devices to your team when and where they’re needed, so your team can hit the ground running and start collaborating and contributing from their very first day.

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Christopher Peruch